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18 May 2011 @ 10:37 pm
this happened right at the end of 9th grade.

at the end of the year there's always a 'farewell for the summer' assembly. back then we had to all file up and head over to the old church building that served as our gathering hall. now, one thing about the old church building is there were many other rooms in which the curious student could wander into should a boring assembly arise.

olivia, maren, casey, and i were those students.

as our class (davenport's 9th grade english) all followed the lovely leader into the main room, we four branched off and made for one of the rooms off to the side that probably at one point contained the sound board for the previous occupants' worship jams. for awhile we sat in there and observed our poor, lost student body through the glass windows and laughed at their misfortune.

at one point i left that room for some air, leaving my three compadres alone just long enough for hughes to notice them and make a scene of telling them to get their sweet behinds into the assembly. i listened through the door as they humbly admitted their many faults and left the room with promises to join the other students.

however, we all decided that doing so was below us and left the building. now, we weren't truant or anything. we merely returned to mrs. davenport's portable.

upon arriving, we promptly set up her john wayne cut out in the doorway and placed a wig over his hat. the man looked mighty fine standing there and surely gave mrs. davenport a start when she led the rest of the class back to the room after the dreaded assembly.

listening to music on her record player and basically being 9th graders for half an hour was how we spent that time when our peers were suffering.

and yes. as simple and stupid as it was it is my favorite memory from highschool.
14 May 2011 @ 10:51 pm
i did my senior project with olivia grinder. and though we've been playing music together since eighth grade, we've never done anything like this.
personally, i've never worked on original music before in my life. i am not a poetic person in the least, but i am a good critic. we worked off each other in a pretty time consuming, but effective fashion. i think if we were both one way or the other (poetic or not) nothing would have gotten done. haha.
luckily, however, i am a good visual artist. and i came up with the idea of personalized posters and invitations. i like to think that of all the senior projects we were the most personal as far as those usually uninspired aspects go. we had a lot of feedback on those and most of it was good. pretty cool, man.
the project itself probably wasn't even ready until the day before or the day of the performance. the night of the concert was the first night we got through all our songs without stopping or messing up obviously. we work well under pressure-- i think that's the only reason we did well at all.
i would never never never want to do something like this again. i love performing, but i do not like when my grade rides on how well i can play an instrument and sing. it's all too subjective to make it a fair game. but it's a rite of passage, and i think i did pretty well.
01 May 2011 @ 09:28 pm
this. sirs and ladies.
this is the source of all the good in the world.
his name is ned & he is an orchid flower.

given to me by olivia for my birthday awhile ago i've managed to keep him alive for several years. this is quite a feat since i'm not necessarily known to care much for plants in general. he's the exception, i suppose.

he's a normal orchid plant except that he has a name. not many orchids have names, you know?

he's important to me, for one; because it was given to me by my friend for my birthday. ned was such a unique gift- i had to love him.

but more than that he's just become one of the things in my life i can't imagine being without. if there were a fire, i would save my cat, my dog, and ned on top of all my other 'possessions'.
so over spring break i had my eighteenth birthday. my parents didn't get me anything but that's cool because we ate cake and went to my grandmother's and blah blah blah but it wasn't interesting until later that night. i went to a concert with my friend and that was fun, the music was sleepy, though. it had been a long day.


after scratching all the stuff off i didn't win anything but it was worth it because it was called double rainbow.

but while my friend and i were scratching the ticket in my car i heard a little clink as a rock hit the window on my side. i turned around and there was a big truck there with two guys in it looking at us. because my car was off i had to open the door to address them because i was pretty pissed that they thought hitting my car with a rock was a good way to get our attention.

should have seen our faces, though. it was hilarious in retrospect. we were just like

the ensuing conversation went like this;

them: hey?

me: hi.

them: how're ya doin?

me: good.

them: what are you two up to tonight?

me: nothing.

i'm fairly certain that the mix of unamused expressions and my slightly threatening monotone scared them off because they ended up backing out and leaving us to our scratch ticket.

good thing, too. if they had come anywhere closer to my car i would have run them over.

i can say it was my most interesting birthday evening so far.
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16 March 2011 @ 09:35 pm
have i said it enough to justify how completely and undeniably the search for a job has taken over my life? no. definitely not. the only refuge from the never-ending search is school and that's rather a sorry escape if i may be permitted to say so. it's just- i go home, do my homework, have maybe and hour or so to myself, my parents come home (my mom, more like) and it's the end of all things fun or recreational for me. back to the grind i go! and with choruses of; 'when are you ever going to get a job?' or 'get off your lazy butt and SEARCH!' to go along with it. well jeez. sorry that i want to sit back and watch something on tv while there are SO MANY AVAILABLE JOBS OUT THERE, AMIRITE?

sarcasm doesn't get across very well online. sorry.

my point is this: i am doing all i can. i go out and ask for applications, i apply online, i call and ask if my application has been looked over, etc.

i'm just really really tired of being yelled at over things that are clearly beyond my control, you know?
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03 March 2011 @ 04:16 pm
mr. williams gets a whole blog post to himself! yay mr. williams!


there's the link to his blog that links to everyone else's blogs.
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06 February 2011 @ 08:17 pm
yep. this was awesome.
so this was the sight that greeted olivia and myself when we visited the flying m on saturday. best day ever.
04 February 2011 @ 02:26 pm
olivia and i have been having strange trips to the flying m, lately.

we went on thursday night with like no money. the only thing we could afford was a cup of tea that we had to share. it was good, though! when we sat down we talked a bit and then ran out of things to talk about so we started a list. this list contained some things to do/ideas that would make life a little less monotonous and stressful.

we listed movies to watch (wristcutters: a love story was my suggestion, therefore it was the best), good advice we should follow to live happier, and one thing that pretty much spawned an in-depth process of decision making; 'channel our inner 70s detective'. don't ask me where that came from.

we made up noir friench detective names, came up with a plan to follow someone at the next public event (taking notes & wearing trench coats with sunglasses, of course), and decided we were going to make business cards and hand them out. it was pretty much the best moment of mental cohesion ever.

our next trip was on saturday. it was pretty much a miracle we even got there to see what we did. we almost didn't go.

aren't we glad we did. when we got there we were standing in line to order and there was this kid a few people in front of us wearing a tail. we passed him off as being a school mascot or something.

when we went to sit down we read the newspaper for awhile and i happened to look up. AND LO! i see three people outside in the parking lot totally dressed up in animal costumes. we're pretty sure we were there to witness a furry gathering.

we got pictures. i'll be posting one as soon as olivia emails them to me.
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03 February 2011 @ 09:31 am
friends are pretty much a-okay. and even though most people sometimes feel like killing their friends; most of the time things get on well enough.

my friends offer the only solace in an environment i have no control over. not all the time, but sometimes. other times they kind of make it worse but that's okay because it's easy (sometimes annoyingly so) to forgive them. they probably feel the same about me, too. haha.

last night i was going through the stack of old old school papers in the corner of my room. i was attempting to sort about nine years' worth of crap into 'keep' and 'recycle' piles. yeah right. i made absolutely no progress. i found notes and drawings from over the course of the past three or four years between myself and my buds. ugly handwriting and weird obsessions aside (because mostly that hasn't changed), i found those notes hilarious and happy.

each of those dumb notes found their way into the 'keep' pile.

i guess my friends are the most influential aspect in my life.
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